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We Tried It and It Worked!

One of the resources that your association has provided for you to use this year as we  emphasize Discipling  Disciples to PRAY is an idea put forward by Mike Racey, pastor at New Hope.  The idea is to have a virtual prayer walk inside your church.  My church, The Church at Windance, is participating in the Discipling Disciples to PRAY prayer emphasis beginning Feb. 14 through Easter Week.  Last Wednesday to prepare us for the prayer emphasis, we did a virtual prayer walk in our fellowship hall.  We had seven stations in our walk.  Three were Google Earth overhead shots of seven subdivisions and multi-family communities within two miles of the church and one each for the staff,  the church, the lost and our normal prayer requests.  We divided into groups of 3-4 and began.  The experience took a total of about 45 minutes.  I saw and heard four things that excited me.  First I saw one of our young moms praying out loud.  Two years ago, she wasn't in church.  I walked up to one of the groups that was talking rather than praying.  One of the ladies in the group said, "We're sorry.  We were just chastising ourselves for not doing what we should be doing to reach these folks." Later she told me that she had prayed aloud more tonight than she ever had.  Finally, when I was taking it all off the wall, at least three people asked me why I was removing it.  I was told we should leave it up so "we can come in and pray for these each week."  Later at a local restaurant, six of our members were brainstorming outreach ideas.  I went home encouraged to see the growth and vision that the virtual prayer walk started.  

Some of you may remember the old Alka-Seltzer commercial that said "Try it. You'll like it!"  The Church at Windance Tried the virtual prayer walk and we LIKED it!


Yea! for Shoreline Park Baptist Church

Fifteen years ago I read that the church was the only place left unprotected from sexual predators.  That commit worried me especially because my children were approaching the time in their lives where I could begin to have GRANDCHILDREN!  I wanted my babies protected especially at church so I began to be a crusader for churches developing policies to protect their children.  One facet of the protection was background checks on all persons working with minors, seventeen years and younger.

Your association now has the ability to do background checks.  This year we are requiring checks to be made on ALL 18 year old and older adults who are coming to participate in Partnership Gulf Coast 2015.  We want to protect our children, the children participating in the mission trips and to SET AN EXAMPLE FOR OUR CHURCHES.

Some of our churches (usually the larger ones) do their own background checks.  Most of our churches have never thought about the need.         

On May 27 Shoreline Park Baptist Church  became the first of our churches to request GCBA to do background checks on all of their VBS workers as well as workers in Sunday School and other children activities. Each check only costs $7.50.  The background  checks are good for as long as your church deems valid, usually for 2 to 5 years, with annual rechecking is becoming the norm.  GCBA is more than happy to provide this service to our churches.  Most checks come back with minutes.

Background checks catch only about 20% of sexual predators.  There are other precautions that churches need to take to protect our children.  GCBA is ready to provide training to your church on how to improve your safety issues.  Call on us.  What is more important than the safety of our children at church?

Source: http://www.churchadminpro.com/Articles/How%20often%20should%20you%20repeat%20background%20checks%20for%20employees.pdf