MultiFamily Housing In Gulf Coast Association

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Coastal Resident Support Services (CRSS), an auxiliary of the Gulf Coast Baptist Association, exists to support multi-housing managers with a variety of social activities, life skills classes, and other services to foster a sense of community.


A spiritual presence in every multi-housing venue in the Gulf Coast Baptist Associational area resulting in self conducting, self-sustaining, reproducing missional communities.


The strategy is borrowed from Church Planting Movements, by David Garrison, to lay the foundation for a missional community in each multi-housing venue (MHV). This program will contain the following characteristics:

1.       Prayer

2.       Abundant gospel sowing

3.       Intentional missional community planting

4.       Scriptural authority

5.       Local leadership

6.       Lay leadership

7.       Cell/house missional communities

8.       Missional communities planting missional communities

The strategy will use a “3 to 5” plan for churches and volunteer groups to engage multi-housing venues. This plan consists of:

1.       3 to 5 years of commitment to a multi-housing venue

2.       3 to 5 activities per year in a multi-housing venue

3.       3 to 5 people on each team that conducts activities.