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Association Receives Gift Annuity

Lynn Grier, long time member of Bay Vista Baptist Church, passed away December 14, 2017.  She served at least two churches as pianist, Bel Aire and Bay Vista.  Through the years, she was involved in the Gulf Coast Baptist Association taking advantage of various training opportunities to improve her ministry engagement.

A few weeks ago, the Association received notice that we had been listed as one of three beneficiaries in a life annuity which she had established.  At the Spring Meeting of the GCBA Monday evening April 16, 2018, I presented a check in the amount of $42,044.73 to Finance Team chairman, Darryl Galey.  What a blessing!

Lynn’s faithfulness to Christ and her love for God’s work led her to plan for the future and provide a means for that work to continue.  Three different ministries shared in this blessing.  As an association, we had no idea she had made these arrangements.  The initial letter was quite a surprise. 

We will work through the Finance Team to determine an appropriate way to use these funds in her memory.  I pray that Lynn’s example will be an encouragement to others to set aside funds for future Kingdom use.  Whether you provide such a gift for your church, one of our Baptist colleges, the Baptist Children’s Village, the Association, do so knowing that you give a gift that will aid the Kingdom of God long after you are gone.

Thank you, Lynn Grier, for your faithful witness which lives on through your gift!