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Pastors must lead by example

Many times, it is easier to say what is good than it is to do what is good. Many times we tell our children to act in a ways we do not act as adults; we ask our disciples to take hold of Spiritual Disciplines in a way we do not take hold of them ourselves. And all too often, we make statements about keeping the "Great Commission" but leave off going to all the nations because of fear, cost, or convenience. If we want our church members to be excited about making disciples of ALL NATIONS, baptizing believes, and teaching them to obey the commands of Christ, we must lead by example. 

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Go into all the Nations

The Gulf Coast Baptist Association invites you to lead by example.


March 13 through March 20, 2023, we will lead a team of 21 Pastors to three locations in Thailand to see first hand the need of the Gospel. You will work hand-in-hand engaging in ministry and learning about the vision that the missionaries in these areas have for reaching the Thai people for Jesus. 

The intent of this journey is to introduce you and your church to real missionaries working day in and day out in this area of the world in hopes that your church may partner together with these missionaries to Pray, Encourage, Offer financial support, and send members of your church to aid in spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth. 

These missionaries need our help to keep them on the field and they need us to mobilize more workers from our churches. Please join us in praying for Thailand and come be a part of reaching this part of the world for Jesus. Will you lead your congregation by example?

For more information please contact the GCBA office.  The cost of this journey has been subsidized by your gifts to GCBA, and MBCB. Please do not let cost keep you from going to the nations. How will they know if we don't go (Romans 10:14-15)?

Entertaining, yet informative Thailand video
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