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Discipling Disciples to Pray 2018

The theme for 2018 will focus on prayer  We will focus on helping churches to help their congregations commit to praying both individually and corporately.

Discipling Disciples to Evangelize 2019

The theme for 2019 will focus on evangelism. We will encourage our churches to help their congregations to choose the one person with whom they will share the Gospel and encourage them to keep sharing. 

Discipling Disciples to Disciple 2020

The theme for 2020 will focus on discipleship. We want to help churches lead their members to a deeper walk with Christ. 

 Zone Map for Church Planting 

The Gulf Coast Baptist Association is comprised of eight zones to simplify our church planting strategy. Each zone focuses on a distinct area of the association. We have identified key locations in each zone for future church plants. Contact Dr. Mooneyham for more information on the GCBA church planting strategy.

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