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Bobby C. Perry Associational Missions Offering

The Bobby C. Perry Associational Missions Offering is intended to augment associational ministries such as, but not limited to, partnership missions which assists churches with funds for mission trips, disaster relief, and helping to support new church starts.


The offering is named in honor Bobby C. Perry, a person who gave outstanding leadership to this association for twenty years. Bobby was instrumental in planting churches and responsible for establishing the builder ministry which helps build facilities both locally and internationally so people of all cultures may have designated places to worship God.


Through the strategy team, the annual goal was set at $18,000 for 2022.

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The Gulf Coast Baptist Association serves sixty-five churches within Hancock, Harrison, and Stone counties. The concept of what we do is simple. We bring churches together through training, consulting and events to give them resources to strengthen their advancement of the Kingdom of God. 

The Association promotes local and foreign missions and engages in service opportunities to reach the Gulf Coast of Mississippi for Jesus Christ. 

Our staff is diverse in age, experience and skill. We work together to support our churches as they make disciples.

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The Gulf Coast Baptist Association serves sixty-eight Churches in Hancock, Harrison, and Stone Counties. Through training, consulting, and Association-wide events, we strive to bring unity to churches in our community by upholding the Biblical example of the one Body of Christ. 

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