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The Gulf Coast Baptist Association strives to minister to its churches by offering educational training in an assortment of categories, consulting with churches in order to strengthen administration decision making, engaging in ministry activities along side of its churches and creating ministry opportunities. Below are some of the ministries which we created, others we support, and some we acknowledge as viable ministries. 

The Gulf Coast Baptist Association offers specific training for Partnership Gulf Coast, Multi-family Housing, and Disaster relief. If your church needs training in these areas, please contact us to set up a training for your church members. Videos and printed materials may be found on our resource page by clicking            .

People on a Deck
Partnership Gulf Coast

PGC encourages churches from the United States to take some time out of their busy schedule and plan an outreach for Jesus to the Gulf Coast. The GCBA has many churches and these churches want to reach their communities for Christ. Sometimes it helps to have a little extra help. Contact us today and see how your Christian group can impact the Coast for Christ. 

Multi-Family Housing

Multi-family Housing is one of the fastest growing ministries in the area. The Association identifies dwellings where little or no Gospel presence is seen and mobilizes churches to those locations for long-term commitments to meeting needs and sharing the love of Christ in those communities. Contact the GCBA for details of how your church can impact areas of our communities that go unnoticed. 

Apartment Building
Hurricane Damage
Disaster Relief

The Coast knows disaster, and the GCBA is here to help encourage, train, and mobilize relief teams as needed. If your church is in need of specialized training for disaster relief, please contact us. 

Local Ministries we support

Center for International Seamen
Performance Art
Christian Women's Job Corp

CWJC/CMJC sites impact lives by offering

  • High School Equivalency Diploma Preparation

  • English as a Second Language Classes

  • Computer Classes

  • Bible Study

  • Mentoring

  • Job Readiness Skills

Food Packing
Seamen Center Transparent.png
Good News Jail and Prison Ministry: Harrison County Jail
Gulf Coast Community Ministries
Bible Lesson

Other Local Ministries

Feeling Mom's Tummy
Feed My Sheep
Women's Resource Center
Volunteers at Food Bank

 Hope Adult Learning 

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